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Monthly Archive: July 2018

Top 3 exclusive games of 2015 for Xbox One

There are plenty of great video games for both PS 4 and Xbox One but in this article we would like to talk about some exclusive video games that are only available for Xbox One.


There is hardly a person who has not heard about World Of Tanks. Initially, the game was developed for PC in 2010, but in 2014 it came on the Xbox 360, and in 2015 it was released for the Xbox One. One of the main features of this game is considered the possibility of cross-platform playing with users of Xbox 360, of whom there are plenty. However, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will not be able to play with each other, due to some differences between the versions released for these two platforms.

The point of the World Of Tanks game in the online team mode is that each player controls their tank and is involved in a common battle: they have to either destroy all enemy tanks or capture the enemy base.


Forza Motorsport series is an automotive simulator in which real cars drive on actual tracks and get real damages, which actually influence the way a car behaves on the road and this is the main difference between the Gran Turismo series which is the main competitor on the PlayStation platform. In Gran Turismo series damages have no real effect on car which is not that beneficial for the gaming experience.


The Gears Of War game series, was not only some of the main Xbox 360 exclusives, but also it had a great impact on the world of shooters. Shelters, rolls – all these things first appeared in the very first GoW back in 2006.

Gears of war: ultimate edition is not just another boring HD-remaster! In fact, the difference between the original version and the last one is just colossal. GoW: UE looks like a game that was originally developed for the Xbox One and there is no hint here of “the old past.”. Perhaps that is why the developers did not make a remaster of all four parts, released for Xbox 360, and like in the case of Halo: The Master Chief Collection it would have taken a very long time.

The game Gears Of War is characterized by its gloom and leisurely, almost tactical gameplay. The main heroes have to fight with the Locust race living deep beneath the earth, but who one day decide to climb to the surface and destroy the humanity.

Therefore, throughout the game, the enemies often appear literally from the ground, and the characters will have to shoot them from various shelters since an open battle in GoW is often doomed to failure. By the way, initially the game was developed with the support of cooperative gameplay and in this release on Xbox One, is feature is preserved.

Overall, we hope you liked our list of top 3 exclusive games for Xbox One. In addition, if you want to buy this gaming console, you can visit this site to buy Xbox One online.

Computer Game Genres

People who play computer games learn the type (genre) that interests them. Then, they cull through choices that fit the genre before they purchase. But, a person who wishes to give a computer game to a family member or friend may want to observe the recipient’s game play in order to minimize the risk of giving the wrong type.

Computer game genres include: combat, adventure, fantasy, strategy, sports, simulations, and teaching. While not a complete list of genres, these types list in the top ten. Combat appeals mostly to boys. They often include violence, anger, and realistic carnage. Look for an age rating and parental comments about the game, and especially, get the approval of the parents of a young person before you give such a game as a gift. Realize that repetitive use mimics repetitive teaching.

An adventure game can appeal to boys or girls, and they tend to follow the same lines of adventure found in films about pirates, secret agents, or lost worlds. In game form, experience an adventure rather than simply watch the film. Fantasy does the same thing in a mythical setting that might include wizards, witches, dragons, hobbits, zombies, etc. Experience competition with a sports game. The games align with a particular sport, like football, and sometimes they permit a game player to play the role of a favorite real sports figure.

A simulation game teaches and lets the gamer experience turning on and using equipment. For example, you might play the experience of getting into a Cessna 172 aircraft, turning it on and then you fly it. This simulation realistically shows the gamer how to operate the aircraft and it simulates flight. A strategy game goes farthest to immerse the gamer in a world (or fantasy world) scenario. Usually played online, the strategy pits the gamer against the powerful computer that the game producer uses to apply artificial intelligence to defeat the gamer. This type often takes days, and perhaps months to complete. The player matches wits with the computer in a life-like setting, until he or she decides to stop. The gamer thinks about the strategy after play ends, if the game was challenging and fun. The player might research new techniques and form a plan for his or her next move to defeat the computer when the game resumes.