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Monthly Archive: July 2019

Get Your Adena in Lineage 2

Lineage 2 Classic is an online game that can be accessed from all corners of the world and this online game is one of the best-selling MMORPGs in the market. This online game has been played by millions of gamers and of course from various countries. On this occasion, we will discuss tips on getting lineage 2 eu classic skelth adena quickly so you can upgrade your items without having to spend money to buy diamonds. There are several ways that can be used to get Adena quickly, for example by entering Elite Dungeon, Farming in Field and holding parties with your friends. So, we just discussed the tips to get Adena quickly on Lineage 2 Classic below:

Farming at Field

Farming normal monsters that have the same level as the level you have. For example, if your character is level 50, you should farm monsters that have level 55. By farming monsters in the field, you can get lineage 2 Adena eu classic skelth and also some items that can be used to increase the level of items you have. By doing farming, we will also get many items that we can sell later. If we are lucky, we can get rare items, which of course can be sold, at high prices.

Enter the Elite Dungeon

If you do solo farming for about 5 to 10 hours, chances are you can get Adena as much as 200 thousand. In addition, usually if you kill monsters in Elite Dungeon you can get many items that you can use to increase the item level, or you can sell to get additional Adena lineage 2 classic eu.

Enter Adena Dungeon

In Adena Dungeon you can get Adena which is quite large depending on the level of your opponent. In Adena Dungeon it is possible that you can get Adena to 50 thousand or more, depending on the level of the monster you are fighting.

Create a Party with Friends

If possible, when you enter Elite Dungeon or do farming in the field, you must have a party, because by joining a party you can get more lineage 2 eu classic Adena and also exp for each monster you kill, besides the CP that you have will also increase.

Adena from Unique Code and Other Players

Apart from the above method, we can also get l2 classic eu Adena for free. Usually, we get this through a unique code from the provider that offers promotions when we buy a diamond using the provider. Later, when we buy diamond through the provider who gave the promotion, we will get a unique code that we can then enter into the voucher code in the choice of this game. Adena’s nominal differs depending on the promotions offered and the number of diamonds we buy. Or we can also trade with other players who offer Adena for us to buy. Well, for this one, we need to be careful when transacting. We must know the player and know the person exactly so as not to be deceived by the player.

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